Thursday, 5 December 2013

End of an era, end of this blog - NEW BLOG -

This is the end of an era.  I will stop posting to this blog as I have started a new blog hosted on a platform which suits my needs a little better.  What I wanted was a website where the front page was a blog but I will also build up a website with a logical structure around it.  This way every time I blog the content gets puts in the correct place.  Although tagging does this at a basic level, I want something more.

So with regret this blog will cease to be.  Since I start this blog a few years back I had periods of regular postings and periods of neglect.  This year hasn't been great for blogging.  It's been a year of change and blogging fell by the waste side.  I regret this and will now try and establish it as part of my working practice.  I have a structure in place on  Using weebly, I will try and feature video tutorials I am creating.  This will be interspersed with the normal reflective posts.  This co-incide with the establishment of my youtube channel - where I share all my tutorials.

As I write this I'm nostalgic about the blogger interface, this text editor and the whole feel of it.  But it's time to move on and I hope you will move on with me.  The blog will remain open for a while in case anyone wants to read my past musings.

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